1. Can I bring my own cake?


Yes, and we can store your cake in either the fridge, freezer, or dry storage.


2. What if I pay for birthday guests and they don’t show up?


The minimum guests and charge for each party is for 10 guests minimum, and is the minimum charge regardless of how many attend. Should you book and pay for 12 guests and only 10 attend we credit the balance to be used towards additional food and drinks for the parent, or to be loaded on a Fun Card for use on activities on your next visit.


3. Do I need to bring anything?


Nothing is required of you to bring as we provide the essentials (plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, cake cuter, etc.).


4. Can I bring decorations?


Small decorations easily moved by one person (non-staff) such as small balloon garland and balloons on weights are acceptable, although decorations that include party poppers, piñatas, confetti canons and wall decorations are not permitted due to cleaning requirements and disruption to other guests.


5. What if we are running late?


Unfortunately due to busy party schedules our parties run to a set timetable, so important to inform your guests to arrive well in advance.


6. Do you cater for adults?


We can cater for adults.


7. Is there a charge for non-participating guests with the group, e.g., adults and infants?


There is no charge for these guests.


8. Do you cater for dietary requirements?


Yes, we have options including Vegetarian & Halal. If we don’t cater to a specific dietary requirement, you are able to bring food for the specific child, or email the Centre to discuss their options.


 9. Do we supply Party Bags?

Due to our vast customer demographic we do not currently offer them to keep Party costs down but you are welcome to bring your own.


10. What does the Host do?


The party host will be with your party for the full duration, taking them from activity to activity and serving their food. They will be assisting the children in playing the activities of the party, along with one parent or guardian supervising the party at all times.


11. What are the parental supervision requirements?

We require parental supervision at all stages of the party.


12. Will I have exclusive use?

You will have exclusive use of your bowling lanes. Arcade will be shared with others.


13. What happens if I have extra children RSVP before the day of the party?

Please email the venue so we can make arrangements for to your party accordingly.


14. How can I arrange platters?

If you are requiring platters for the parents or children of the party, please email the venue, at the latest, 3 days prior to your party.


15. How are the parties scheduled?


  • Bowling Party: 1 game of bowling > Food & cake > Arcade
  • Super Bowling Party: 2 games of bowling > Food & cake > Arcade

16. What are the food options for the children?


  • Menu A: Party Pies, Sausage roll and chips
  • Menu B: Chicken Nuggets and chips (Halal)
  • Menu C: Hotdog and chips
  • Menu D: Mini Spring Rolls and chips (Vegetarian)

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