Our unique Laser Tag Maze is set in a distant galaxy .. perhaps even far.. far.. away – invade the glow in the dark world and take note of the captured relics from our centres history used to construct this maze.

Aliens, space ships and much more, not only does our facility have unique original designs we have kept a piece of the history of the centre by recycling the original timber lanes to create the maze walls, you will be truly amazed by the Glow in the dark special effects, laser lights and smoke.

To win you must score more points by landing more shots on the opposing teams target areas or completing your objective as handed out by your WYNCITY Lasertag Commander.

Your heart will be racing as you and your team mates travel through our space age arena and those with a keen eye will be rewarded with plenty of special surprises and great hiding spots to launch their next surprise attack!

With up to 23 other members out to tag you or complete the mission you will have the option to work as a team or play as a solo warrior and take on everyone!

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