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Friday and Saturday  9am – 11pm
Sunday 9am – 8.30pm



Address 44- 48 Chickerell St, Morwell, Victoria
Phone (03) 5134 6450 


A great test of concentration, memory and hand-eye co-ordination surrounded by glow in the dark theming from the stone age with cave-men, dinosaurs, crazy shots and atmospheric sounds.

Mini Golf is a great activity for all the family and combines brains and dexterity to create a fun and exciting time for all.  Even the maths wizard in the family will love keeping everyone in check on the score sheet.

Our course has been designed for multiple re-playability and priced accordingly allowing you to have a repeat round and try and beat your previous score, learn how to master each hole and enjoy a quick break between one of our other great activities.

Morwell Mini Golf features a prehistoric theme and you will be joined by Cavemen, Dinosaurs and Volcanoes roaring and exploding around you as you complete our 9 hole adventure course.


Glow Mini Golf

There are 9 holes of mini golf to test your skills.  Travel back in time as you putt your way through a Dinosaur filled glow in the dark adventure - watch out for the dinosaurs!

  • Per Game

    9 Holes. Play again and try beat your last score!

Course Rules

  • 1. Parties playing together are limited to four players.
  • 2. Initial stroke on each hole must be played from the Tee Mats
  • 3. If ball leaves putting surface, replace at spot it went out and take a one stroke penalty
  • 4. You may move the ball fifteen (15) CM from any obstruction with no penalty
  • 5. If player's ball is hit by another ball, new position may be taken unless the ball has been hit into the cup, in which case the player must place the ball in it's old position and shoot.
  • 6. Please leave the play area immediately after the last putt is made.
  • 7. Slower groups should allow faster groups to pass.
Due to the continued Victorian Government Restrictions we still remain closed until further noticeKeep in touch with us on Facebook