Our Fun Card system gives you great value compared to other arcades and the chance to win great prizes!


All games and attractions at Wyncity operate with our Play Card.

Load any value you like or select from one of our great packages. When you win tickets they are magically saved to your card ready for you to spend at our amazing prize counter at the end of your visit or save them up for a huge prize!

You will be lost for choice with so many games. We are always changing them, so take a look and see what’s new on your next visit.

Games that you can play on your own, but what’s more fun are our socially competitive games like Basketball really ramp up the fun.

Wyncity has an exciting mix of video and arcade games for everyone to enjoy.

Best still you are able to earn points straight into your card and redeem prizes.

Over 40 games for all ages, Play Card Point System, Earn points to cash in for prizes at WYNCITY's giant redemption counter

Play card can be used for arcade, laser tag, bumper cars and bowling

Play Card Curved edges

DID YOU KNOW? A WYNCITY Play card can also be used for arcade, laser tag, bumper cars and bowling!



For $25



For $50



For $100